The Legionary Movement after Corneliu Codreanu

Ilarion Țiu, The Legionary Movement after Corneliu Codreanu. From the Dictatorship of King Carol II to the Communist Regime (February 1938 – August 1944), București, Leistung Publishing, 2017, 298 p.
ISBN: 978-606-94215-5-0

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Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1. The Internal Crisis
1.1. The Dictatorship of King Carol II
1.2. The Arrest of the “Historical leaders”
1.3. The Death of Corneliu Codreanu

CHAPTER 2. The New Elite
2.1. “The Persecution Commandments”
2.2. “Declarations of Submission”
2.3. The Failed Coup
2.4. The First “Exile” in Germany

CHAPTER 3. The Clandestine Period
3.1. Without Internal Leaders
3.2. The Arrested Legionaries
3.3. The Berlin “Commandment”
3.4. The Assassination of Armand Călinescu
3.5. The Restoration of the Local Organizations

CHAPTER 4. The Governing of the Legionary Movement
4.1. The Relaxation Process
4.2. The Internal Fight for Power
4.3. Political Alternatives in the Summer of 1940
4.4. The Abdication of King Carol II

CHAPTER 5. The National-Legionary Government
5.1. The Legionary Ministries
5.2. The Fight for Power with Ion Antonescu
5.3. The Abuses Committed by the Legionaries
CHAPTER 6. “The Legionary Rebellion”
6.1. The Events of 21-23 January 1941
6.2. The Leaders’ “Exile” in Germany
6.3. “The Rebellion Trials”

CHAPTER 7. The Eastern Front
7.1. “The Group from the Prisons”
7.2. “The Collaborators”
7.3. Power Centers
7.4. The Relations with Ion Antonescu

CHAPTER 8. “The Exiled”
8.1. The Locations in Germany
8.2. The Relations with the Nazis
8.3. The Power Centers



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